Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Attendees receive follow up emails listing the exhibitors they visited during the conference and exhibitors are amazed at the response they receive.

The Expo Tracker Lead Retrieval system takes advantage of the latest mobile technology to provide a cost effective, efficient, and easy to use system with the fastest and most reliable scanning in the industry. Tablet

The Expo Tracker Android Tablet and Bluetooth 2-D barcode scanner creates a state-of-the-art lead retrieval system that captures every lead, guaranteed, every time! Leads are stored on the Expo Tracker Tablet and synced with our online web portal. Exhibitors can also email themselves, or anyone else, their lead spreadsheet directly from the ET application at any time during the show. 

  • Exhibitors can create and customize follow up qualifier questions directly on the tablet, at any point during the show
  • Type in custom notes using the onscreen keyboard
  • Email lead spreadsheets to any email address at any time during or after the show
  • Scan and print leads from up to 40' away when paired with the ET Bluetooth Mobile Printer
  • Use any Android device and the built-in camera (recommend 8 megapixel minimum) for low volume scanning, or attach our Bluetooth scanner for incredibly fast and easy scanning
Expo Tracker's online ordering and onsite systems create a seamless, hassle-free experience for exhibitors and sponsors. Our professional staff is available onsite for support and assistance during all setup and show hours.
Show Management has access to detailed show activity reports. 
Please visit www.etleads.com to place your order today. 
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