Session and CEU Tracking


RFID or NFC Technology provides the ability to read and write data directly back to attendee name badges. 

As attendees enter sessions and tap their name badge to our ET NFC Reader, we simultaneously capture the attendee information and approve entrance into the session, and we write back to the name badge that the attendee entered the session. This same process happens in the exhibit hall with lead retrieval.

At any time during the conference, the attendee can read their own badge using their personal NFC enabled device (75% of the smart phones and tablets are NFC enabled). The attendee receives an immediate recap of every session, CEU/CME credit, and a list of each exhibitor they visited during the week.


Expo Tracker offers three encoding options:

Plastic Cards with an Embedded Magnetic Encoded Stripe: Plastic card name badges offer the most user-friendly integration for session tracking and exhibitor lead retrieval because virtually everyone is familiar with using a plastic card with a magnetic stripe.

Paper Badges with a 2-Dimensional Bar Code: Bar code name badges offer a flexible, easy to use name badge that can be any size-3" X 4", 4" X 4", or 4" X 6" for maximum font size and with larger badges, additional fields can be included on the badge. Paper badges with a 2-D bar code can be printed on standard laser printers, or thermal printers using fan-folded, or rolled badge stock.

RFID or NFC Transponders Embedded in Thermal Paper Badges: RFID represents the latest technology in tracking attendance and lead retrieval. One of the biggest advantages of RFID tracking is the ability to read and write to a name badge. As attendee badges are scanned at sessions, new information can be written to the badge to confirm attendance and track CEU credits. RFID reads by simply holding the scanner within 4 inches of the name badge, and does not require aiming a laser or removing the badge from the badge holder. RFID also provides tap n' go technology for session scanning-the easiest and quickest method to track session attendance.

On-Site Scanning Options

Session Access: Our system provides the ability to limit access to events based on payment, registration category or other specifications. When scanned the system looks for the appropriate access level and either allows or denies entrance. An attendance record is generated and integrated with our CEU tracking system.

Point of Purchase: Attendees can purchase tickets to events at the door using our wireless, hand-held computers, rather than sending them back to the registration desk.

One-Use Encoding: ET can configure wireless, hand-held computers to read name badges and allow access to an event or session one time only. Additional scans produce an access denied prompt. This process prevents attendees/exhibitors from sharing name badges to access ticketed events.

Expo Tracker Tap N' Go RFID: This session scanner is battery operated and is easily attached to session doors, for seamless, quick efficient, session check-in. Attendees simply place their name badge within 4 inches of the scanner and the badge is instantly read and attendance granted, or recorded. Attendees can be required to scan out of sessions as well.

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