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Networking ProcessThe key to a successful tradeshow is simple; exhibitors must have the opportunity to meet with and network with current and potential customers (attendees). Expo Tracker facilitates this process with the Expo Tracker Networking Center.

The Networking Center creates an interactive, web-based database of attendees and exhibitors that includes a Google search engine. Attendees & exhibitors search profiles and communicate, share information, and even schedule meetings on-site.

On-site the system creates a de-facto product locator where attendees search exhibitors and send instant messages directly through the system. Exhibitors receive notifications via email and/or cell phone text messages. The system includes an intuitive meeting scheduler, and the ability to send documents such as RFP’s directly through the system. The Networking Center continues the communication chain months post show to extend the shelf life of each event.

The Networking Center also creates a CEU Tracking System where attendees login, review their hours, and print certificates directly from on-site kiosks, or from their desktop post show. The Networking Center creates a personalized meeting schedule for each attendee, including sessions, special events and exhibitor meetings. Attendees create reminders using email and/or cell phone text messages.

The Networking Center is also a Speaker Management System. Show management uses the system to invite speakers, and build a database of speaker bio’s/photographs, session descriptions, abstracts, presentation requirements, and travel schedules.

The Expo Tracker Networking Center integrates with the Expo Tracker Registration System, the Expo Tracker Exhibit Sales/Interactive Floor Plan, or, with most other web based registration systems.

Expo Tracker's Networking Center
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