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Your Show Isn’t Off-The-Shelf. Why Is Your Management System?

You work hard on your Conference. Your audience is unique, your exhibitors offer their own specific products and services, your speakers are experts in definitive areas, and the industry you serve does business in its own way. In other words, you know your audience best--what makes them tick, what brings them back, and why your show meets their needs.

An off-the-shelf management system can seem designed for anyone but you, even if you spent a lot of time researching the options and a lot of money getting it all going. Despite all the promises and work-a rounds, a one-fits-all system rarely gives you exactly what you wanted at the outset, leaving you with an uneasy feeling when you get on-site. What if this doesn’t work?

There are many reasons why so many associations and trade groups have been thrilled to find the Expo Tracker Integrated Management System--one of the few truly customizable, flexible, made-just-for-you systems on the market. Once your system is built just for you, everyone from attendees to exhibitors to speakers will enjoy its simplicity and efficiency that helps them seamlessly register, check in, customize their own schedules, and organize their on-site time.

Your finance department will be thrilled at the intuitive reports and audit trail created, your team will always know the registration numbers, and your marketing team will love the exhibit sales module.

Choose one or two modules or our entire suite of options--it’s totally up to you. Expo Tracker’s Event Center Systems and Services offers a complete end-to-end solution, or we can integrate our systems with existing association management systems you may already use. It’s all about flexibility and ease-of-use. It’s all about your unique show and meeting your specific needs.

We fully recognize that technology is vital to the successful registration & housing processes. However, Expo Tracker is a service company and we realize that timely, professional customer service is what attendees and exhibitors remember most about the registration and housing experience.

Our current Management Systems include:

  • Registration System with Self-Service Kiosks, and Integrated with Most Association Membership Management Systems
  • Housing System, Integrated with Registration
  • Networking Center, Integrated with Mobile Systems
  • Exhibit Sales System, with Live Interactive Floor Plan
  • Speaker Management System with Abstract Submission and Review Management
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval with Live Access to Leads, and Follow Up Emails Sent to Attendees Automatically
  • Conference Website including Content Management Application with 1000's of Design Templates
  • Session/Event Tracking, CEU Verification and Certificate Management

Each system operates independently or combined to create an integrated solution.

Expo Tracker systems are designed to allow show management to manage the entire process in-house, or Expo Tracker can provide complete customer service including call center, data entry, project management, site selection/contract negotiation, and meeting management.

Supporting our senior staff members are a team of Senior Account Mangers, Project Managers, call-center operators/data-entry specialists, and IT experts trained to provide the best possible service at all times.

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