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Public Expo Tracker integrates a suite of customized exposition and conference management systems into one flexible, easy to use, cost effective solution.

We streamline the collection of data and incorporate e-commerce solutions, database integration, and create a truly interactive network for attendees, exhibitors and show management. The system’s accounting and reporting gives show management the ability to track and report on every aspect of the registration process, from the first advance planning stages all the way through months post-show.

One of the key components of our success lies in the integration of the multiple steps involved in attending and/or exhibiting at a conference or exposition. Expo Tracker seamlessly integrates exhibit space purchase, profile creation, booth personnel and attendee registration, hotel reservations, pre-show marketing, attendee networking, an on-site attendee calendar, on-site lead collection, on-site client meetings, and post-show follow-up, all in one online system that participants find convenient and intuitive. Show attendees enjoy a streamlined process to verify and renew membership, share demographic information, select sessions and events, track CEU credits, print certificates, and pay all of their fees online, quickly and securely. Together, these modules seamlessly combine into the Network Center, where exhibitors and attendees can exchange information, schedule on-site meetings, and follow up after the show ends.


For their part, show management has the ability to view the details of each registrant’s record in real-time through the management portal, while the Registration System and Exhibit Sales System provide financial tracking and reconciliation that follow standard accounting practices.

Most expo management packages claim to be customizable. Expo Tracker is one of the few that really is. Clients can use individual modules independently, or merge them into one integrated solution that takes care of every last detail for them.

Expo Tracker is not simply a systems provider. Our services include complete end-to-end customer service, onsite equipment and professional, full-time registration account managers who follow the process from system design to on-site registration.
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