System Integration

Expo Tracker integrates a suite of exposition and conference management systems, into one customized "Event Management System", (EMS).  Expo Tracker systems are designed to maximize the use of technology to improve the impact of each event by streamlining the collection of data, e-commerce solutions, and by tracking event... Read More


Mobile Networking

Expo Tracker integrates all of its systems into a multi-event mobile application that empowers show management and connects attendees and exhibitors like never before. Registrants search each other, share information, schedule meetings, and track there schedules all within the Mobile Networking Center. Session room updates, schedule changes, etc. are communicated using  ... Read More


NFC Scanning Systems

RFID or NFC Technology provides the ability to read and write data directly to attendee name badges. 

As attendees enter sessions and tap their name badge to our ET NFC Readers,  we simultaneously capture the attendee information, approve entrance into the session, and we write back to the name badge that the attendee entered the session...Read More


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Expo Tracker’s Event Center Systems and Services offers a complete end-to-end solution,or we can integrate our systems with existing Association Management Systems to provide intutive badge printing that integrates with our lead retrieval systems. This gives show management the option to process all registrations using their system and take advantage of Expo Tracker’s badge printing technology.

Integrated Badge Printing Technology

Many of our association customers process all of their registrations in-house, using association management systems that include a registration module. Usually the badge printing capabilities for these systems are difficult to customize and are not as efficient on-site. The Expo Tracker Badge Center integrates with most current show managment systems, providing the flexibility to customize their credentialing system to include multiple tickets, plastic cards, or RFID badges. Show management can use in-house more